Beached seal draws the crowds

Seal on the beach
Seal on the beach
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WRAS was visited last week by Virginia McKenna and Chris Draper of Born Free Foundation.

They were shown round WRAS’s Casualty Care Centre, and watched Kathy and I syringe feed and give medication to a very poorly hedgehog.

They had a coffee and met some of WRAS’s volunteers and stayed for quite a while for a chat about various animal welfare issues.

Virginia is such an amazing lady and very inspirational.

We have had some very busy evenings and nights this week.

One evening last week Lindsay collected a hedgehog from Eastbourne which seems to have a neurological problem and was hypersensitive, disorientated, as well as dried blood in one ear, a weepy eye on the other side, there were signs of bruising around his forehead as well as being very underweight.

Shortly after this Kathy and I had to rush down to the Centre to meet a lady from Hailsham who delivered to us an injured hedgehog. This little boy was 690 grams but had infected wounds on his front feet.

Whilst at the centre a collapsed cat attacked sparrow came in. Once they were all dealt with and we were just arriving home, we had a call by the same Hailsham lady who had found yet another injured hedgehog.

This time the hedgehog was a 980g female with an infected wound on her forehead. This had to be cleaned up and treated, but should make a good recovery. Whilst examining her we noticed the remains of some old blue Tippex marks on her back.

We believe she may be one of our hand reared hedgehogs who was soft released in a neighbours garden 18 months previous. We received a report of a seal on the beach near Sovereign Harbour last week.

The seal turned out to be another Grey Seal. It was about five feet long and quite a crowd of people had gathered round it. David and I attended on site and assessed the seal, taking various photos to be sent to British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) for assessment.

Stephen Marsh from BDMLR Head Office in Uckfield attended on site to give a second opinion and we came to the conclusion that the seal may just be resting after the rough night time weather, but he was certainly a puzzle. Since this first sighting the seal moved to outside the Bandstand on Eastbourne Beach and then on to Holywell and then round to Seaford beach last weekend slowly heading west.