Are we doing enough to protect our wildlife?

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Helen Burton ?7 Food Budget SUS-150605-161026001
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I know that sometimes foxes are pests and may need to be controlled, I have lost enough chickens to them over the years to understand the issues, however in a civilised country I would expect any culling to be done humanely. Allowing them to be ripped apart by dogs seems simply immoral to me. Let’s not forget either that foxes were here first! They are part of the native wildlife in our country and should be protected in my view. Much as I worry about them taking my chickens I would never want to see them killed. Life is a balancing act and I accept they are part of it. Whilst chasing them out of my garden every now and then I can’t help but admire their beauty and tenacity, and they are only really a big problem for me at the time of year when they are trying to feed their cubs, so I don’t blame them if I lose a bird, upset though I may be. It is nature and needs to be accepted and appreciated. I was glad to see that Eastbourne MP Caroline Ansell said she would vote against allowing fox hunting again, Huw Merriman MP for Bexhill and Battle was all set to vote in favour of it. Another native creature that needs our protection is the badger. They are being killed in order to prevent the spread of disease despite scientific research stating that ‘culling badgers will have no meaningful effect on bovine TB in cattle’. In a letter to the Observer more than 30 scientists actually claimed “the complexities of TB transmission mean that licensed culling risks increasing cattle TB rather than reducing it. The RSPCA claims that as culling isn’t selective as many of six out of seven badgers killed are actually bTB free and that ‘vaccination, increased levels of testing and improved biosecurity are more effective ways of dealing with bTB in the long term’. If you want to stop the cull you can find out more and sign the RSPCA’s petition at

We need to protect our native wildlife, all of it, not just mammals. From signing petitions and writing letters to our MPs to planting bee friendly plants in our gardens there is plenty we can do to ourselves to maintain a natural balance. Have you signed the petition yet against allowing pesticides to destroy our bee population? And how about making an insect hotel for your garden? It’s a great project to do with kids over the summer holidays but you’ll probably enjoy it too!