Annemarie Field: I could hardly contain my excitement over the arrival of recycling bins

While the arrival of wheelie bins across the town appears to be causing chaos for many, there was great excitement in our Willingdon cul-de-sac this week.

The high point of which for me came at 4pm when my neighbour Meryl sent me a text saying our long awaited big brown bins for garden waste had finally arrived.

Aside from the fact we will now have our glass collected from the roadside, therefore no longer having to run the gauntlett of the neighbours thinking we are alcoholics as we cart our empty caskets of bottled grapes down to the recycling point at the Triangle, we could hardly contain ourselves as we spent the best part of an hour gleefully pointing out to each other and anyone else who would listen that everything from vegetable punnets to yoghurt pots can now go in our newly designated recycling bins.

As we ummed and ahhed and prepared to test each other over what receptacle was designated for what recyclable, we stumbled momentarily when a splattered fly was thrown into the equation and we didn’t know which bin to put it in.

By 6pm I had re-arranged my assortment of bins, stuck the labels listing their required contents and nominated the Little Princess as Chief Wash and Squash operative.

I did however resist the urge to paint the house number on the side of the bin “just in case someone would steal them” ­(I think not).

I fear my excitement levels will only get worse. Water butts yesterday, Wheelie Bins today, composters tomorrow.

Needless to say, I have ordered two and am already watching the vegetable peelings and used teabags with a twinkle in my eye.

Finally this week, the temperature here inside Beckett Towers is 26 degrees. In fact it’s so hot outside I saw two trees arguing over a dog. Have a good week.