All hail the mysterious poop flagger!

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It may not be the most savoury of subjects to discuss but the Herald wants to put a marker down today in the story of the Shinewater mysterious “poop flagger”.

This community-minded individual - male or female, young or old - has made it a mission to embarrass irresponsible pet owners by popping a flag into unwanted dog droppings.

Taking a leaf out of the book of “vigilantes” featured in a TV show, our community crusader is now adorning the paths and verges of Shinewater with little blue flags.

The tiny markers have both amused and irritated passers-by, but are also having a desired effect in shining a light on those who - often under the veil of darkness - don’t pick up after their pets.

The BBC’s tongue-in-cheek documentary showed that where flags had been used, they had been effective in reducing dog fouling. Some vigilantes went further in taking video of offenders and working with the police to bring about prosecutions.

So while our mystery flag-flyer goes about his or her business, we hope that irresponsible dog owners will think twice as they and their pets go about theirs - so often without a thought for those who follow in their path.

SO a gleaming American Airstream will take its place at the Wish Tower in time for Easter weekend. Not everyone’s cup of tea, perhaps. Do we sense a little controversy brewing . . .