Louise Margaret: Perils of 21st parenting

etc’s columnist on why parenthood is all about small victories

Life on Tapp with Blaise Tapp SUS-160516-112125001

Come on girls, no need to get your knickers in a twist

It is fair to say that, right now, there are plenty of things in the world to get hot under the collar about.


REV DAVID FAREY: Lessons learned from ‘The Great Hailsham Water Main Burst’

It will soon be the second anniversary of the ‘Great Water Main Burst of Hailsham’. I have said previously how disappointed I am that South East Water had not produced a report on how the burst was handled.

The work at Seaside Rec has been ongoing for months as Southern Water carries out drainage improvements

OUT IN THE FIELD: All aboard if you can get through crowd

It’s all very exciting finally seeing the extension to the Arndale Centre taking shape with the hoarding up down the stretch of Diesel Alley where the shops and Gildredge pub are soon to be demolished.

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WRAS's first X-ray of road casualty pheasant SUS-170315-102204001

TREVOR WEEKS: We took our first ever wildlife X-ray this week

I finally finished reviewing our casualty data for the past three years this week. We have had an amazing 43 per cent increase in casualties between 2015 and 2016! That’s over 800 extra casualties.

Katy Bourne

Sussex PCC's video log - Listen Live: Fraud and Elder Exploitation

On Thursday 23 March PCC Katy Bourne will hold the first of four public debates as part of her new 'Listen Live' programme.

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Eastbourne Fairtrade at Eastbourne Community Hub SUS-170315-121343001

EASTBOURNE VOLUNTEERS: A welcome visit from Eastbourne Fairtrade

This week I’d love to give a big thank you to Fairtrade Eastbourne, who presented our Hub with a lovely hamper of Fairtrade goodies. As we reach the end of ‘Fairtrade Fortnight’ it is worth considering, if you don’t already, how and where you spend your money. We all know that consumers have power, and the choices you make when you spend your hard earned cash can make a difference. Fairtrade Eastbourne write:

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Caroline Ansell, MP for Eastbourne SUS-160604-141512001

CAROLINE ANSELL MP: My dismay over a second Scotland referendum

It was with a sinking heart I heard Nicola Sturgeon speak about her desire to call a second Scottish Independence referendum earlier this week.

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Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester

A struggle worth undertaking

So now we know.  Theresa May has given up crisps for Lent.

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David Farey SUS-160113-102615001

REV DAVID FAREY: Hailsham homes quota cut, but we must still question it

So the draft proposed submission of the Wealden Local Plan has been published. It would appear that the figure of new homes originally proposed has been cut to 7,000 homes.

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The old lady that is the Congress Theatre is finally getting some TLC and a facelift inside

OUT IN THE FIELD: Congress is as bare as a baby’s proverbial

Call me a saddo but some of the highlights of my career have been going behind the scenes of some iconic Eastbourne buildings – battling against sea sickness to get inside the Beachy Head Lighthouse, trying to conquer an inane fear of heights to climb up the clock tower at the top of the Town Hall and scaling a ladder to stand on the roof of the Towner Art Gallery when it was under construction way back when.

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Trevor crossing the finishing line Photo Courtesy of Jonathon Dunville SUS-170903-133220001

TREVOR WEEKS: Half marathon efforts raise more than £1,600 for WRAS

Monday night I was called out to a very poorly hedgehog found out in the road at North Way, Seaford.

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Volunteers at the new Community Hub at the Labyrinth in Mark Lane, Eastbourne (Photo by Jon Rigby) SUS-170130-101934008

EASTBOURNE VOLUNTEERS: Disabled access group seeks help

This week I would like to highlight the work of the Eastbourne Access Group, who are looking for some more help locally.

Caroline Ansell, MP for Eastbourne SUS-160604-141512001

CAROLINE ANSELL MP: Reflections on International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day on Wednesday got me into a reflective mood as I thought about the struggles women from just a few generations ago had to endure to win just basic rights.

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Alex Rowley on why we can never really have parenting sussed

Alexia Rowley on why the only constant with children is change.

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Brent goose found in Lewes SUS-170103-090546001

TREVOR WEEKS: An unusual goose, plus our plea for volunteers to help care for small birds

This gorgeous Brent goose was delivered to WRAS’s casualty centre on Monday, after being found on a pathway in Lewes.

End of an era as The Gildredge pub is demolished to make way for the new Arndale Centre extension

OUT IN THE FIELD: Downland farmers need their lives back

As the deadline looms today for people to have their say over whether the council should sell the downland farms or not and campaigners for and against shout their case from the rooftops, there is one group of people who have kept a dignified silence even though any potential sale will effect them the most – that is the farmers themselves.

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Eastbourne Volunteers community hub SUS-170125-091234001

EASTBOURNE VOLUNTEERS: The work of the Eastbourne Family Contact Centre

This week Kathryn Anderson, Coordinator of the Eastbourne Family Contact Centre tells us about their work and their volunteering opportunities.

A Victorian family

Support for bereavement counselling services

My grandmother Nell, who was born into working class London in 1895, was never quite sure how many brothers and sisters she had.

Ven Dr Edward Dowler, Archdeacon of Hastings

An honest look at ourselves

This week many Christians around the world have been celebrating Ash Wednesday.

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