Nurses head to Belize on support mission

Belize nurses
Belize nurses

A group of nurses and care workers from an Eastbourne agency are heading to Belize next year to provide help and support in a home for elderly people.

The idea was the brainchild of Everycare owners Angela Fuller and Andy Taylor after they visited the Octavia Waight Centre during a trip to Central America last year, met the manager and on returning home to Eastbourne, organised a group of 11 of their staff to volunteer at the home and share good practice.

“Belize is a third world country with average wages of just £2,800 a year and there is little state aid for the elderly,” said Angela. “Homes like Octavia Waight are funded by donation and run with the help of volunteers.

“It struck me that so often money is raised for the young that we risk forgetting that the elderly in third world countries are just as vulnerable.

“Through a number of emails with Luis and the home we agreed that we thought there was something we could do and so we wrote out to all our staff to see if anyone was interested.

“We were shocked and delighted when 11 of our care staff volunteered their time to travel out and work in the home.

The group will leave in February and March of next year in two groups and staff have already begun fundraising with boot sales, raffles, garage sales and a charity cream tea.

The home is currently drawing up a wish list of equipment it needs and anyone willing to donate either items for future boot sales or items to take out to Belize, Angela said she would be delighted to hear from them.

The next event is a Charity Dinner at the Thai Brasserie in the Enterprise Centre on Monday September 23 from 7-9pm and tickets are £25 available from Everycare, 3 High Street, Old Town, or by calling 430672