Praising those who helped Eastbourne during the Second World War

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Continuing our series of how Eastbourne survived the fierce bombing campaign during the Second World War, this week we pay tribute to those who worked tirelessly from 1939-1945 in the words of N Hardy, the editor of the book, Eastbourne 1939-1945, a complete record of nearly six years of war in Eastbourne.

Mr Hardy writes, “21st Sussex (Eastbourne) Batallion Home Guard. Formed in May 1940 under the command of Brigadier General E Costello as G Company, and later divided into four companies. Costello was succeeded in turn by Colonel Wise and Brigadier General Charles Terrott.

Lieutenant Colonel T Sutton was appointed commanding officer in June 1943. The batallion area was enlarged in the same month to include Polegate, Pevensey, Friston and the Cucmere Balley. More than 5,000 men passed through the ranks of the 21st Battalion.


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