Newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky visits East Dean Sheep centre

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ITV newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky was filming in East Dean on Monday.

The news anchor woman was at the East Dean Sheep Centre to film part of the BBC Antiques Road Trip series alongside antiques expert Thomas Plant.

Beck Wigmore at the centre said, “Natasha was extremely excited to be here as she loves animals and is planning on buying some of our bottle fed lambs for her garden once the centre has closed for the season.

“She also fell head over heels in love with our new addition to the Pet Pals animal therapy for the elderly business, a miniature horse called Silf who is only 28 inches tall.

“Thomas Plant, the antiques expert, also grew up on a farm so whenever filming was paused he was getting his hands dirty helping with the end of the day jobs such as mucking out and bedding up the pens ready for the next day.”

The programme filmed at the centre, open daily until August 31, is expected to go out on air at the end of the year.