New street light plan for Meads and Old Town

Plans to dim street lights after 10pm in Meads and Old Town and replace bulbs with modern, but less bright, alternatives will be discussed with local residents.

They will be able to have their say on proposed changes to street lighting at two consultation events in the town.

The proposals are part of a county-wide bid by East Sussex County Council to save £885,000 by 2016, by changing the way roads are lit during the night and replacing existing street lights with energy-efficient alternatives.

Plans for these areas of Eastbourne include changing existing yellow lights to white LED lights and dimming lights in some streets after 10pm.

Work is being carried out on a ward-by-ward basis in Eastbourne and proposals have been drawn up by the county council in consultation with organisations including Eastbourne Borough Council and Sussex Police.

Public transport links to each area have also been taken into account, said a county council spokesperson.

The events will be held on Saturday, September 21 at the Old Town Community Centre, in Central Avenue, and on Saturday, September 28 at St John’s Parish Hall, on the corner of Meads Road and Meads Street, between 9am and noon on both days.

Members of the county council’s street lighting team will be on hand to answer questions and listen to people’s concerns.

Comments or concerns about the proposed changes can be made for Old Town from September 21 and Meads from September 28 on the East Sussex County Council website at