Neighbourhood Watch schemes increasing

NEIGHBOURHOOD Watch schemes in Eastbourne are on the up.

There has been a 45 per cent increase in the number of homes covered by a scheme in the town since 2008 and 10,475 homes are covered compared to 7,230 two years ago.

Chair of Eastbourne Neighbourhood Watch Jan Newens said, “We have increased the number of schemes from 237 to 334 which has resulted in many more residents having the advantage of being included in Neighbourhood Watch.

“I’m very grateful to members of the committee and all of the co-ordinators who have worked so hard to develop neighbourhood watches across Eastbourne.

“We are always very keen to hear from anyone who would like to run a scheme in their particular neighbourhood as there are some areas of the town that we would like to expand into.”

With the support of the Eastbourne Crime Reduction Partnership, Neighbourhood Watch has recently re-launched its quarterly newsletter which provides information about local issues as well as reports from people who work in the town.

Further information on how neighbourhood watches can improve communities get in touch with Jan on 07733 480858 or visit the website