National park’s achievements are highlighted

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Reintroduced water voles, better woodland management, preparations for a National Park Local Plan, and promoting sustainable travel are just some examples of successful partnership projects highlighted in the South Downs National Park Authority’s annual review for 2013-14.

Margaret Paren, chair of the SDNPA, said this week, “We’re proud to work in partnership with a wide range of organisations, landowners, farmers, local businesses, residents and visitors – all committed to caring for the South Downs National Park. Our annual review shows how the National Park Authority is spearheading this work.

“Our first Partnership Management Plan for the National Park, launched this January, set out a long-term vision and how it will be delivered over the next five years through more than 100 separate projects.

“This review gives an insight to the National Park Authority’s own progress to date, the work we are undertaking, and our commitment to delivering our ambitious vision for the nation’s newest national park.”

“Work to improve access to the national park has also progressed with the campaign to promote sustainable transport reaching 5.5 million people. Visitors and residents can now enjoy an extra 8.5km of cycle paths and, using the Local Sustainable Transport Fund, our partners are increasing Sunday bus services into the National Park enabling people to access the South Downs for recreation who previously couldn’t.

“Other work included resurfacing 1,575m of the South Downs Way at five locations, replacing 46 signposts and repairing/replacing 24 gates.”