‘Miracle’ no one was hurt as lorry hits scaffolding

Lorry knocks down scaffolding in Westham High Street SUS-140626-145756001
Lorry knocks down scaffolding in Westham High Street SUS-140626-145756001

A Westham resident has claimed it was a ‘miracle’ that a parent or child wasn’t injured after a lorry knocked down scaffolding outside the Post Office on the High Street.

Paul Lewis was at home on Wednesday morning (June 25) when he saw a truck hit and demolish the entire scaffolding structure outside the Post Office, snapping a metal street lamp and destroying part of the adjacent high garden fence at the same time.

The incident occurred at around 8.45am – peak drop-off time for the nearby Westham School.

Thankfully, nobody was injured by the accident but it has aroused concerns among residents about the traffic along the narrow yet busy stretch of road.

Mr Lewis said, “Only by a miracle was nobody entering or leaving the Post Office and convenience shop – a popular stop-off for parents and kiddies – at that moment, and luckily no other vehicle was following closely enough to be hit by the scaffolding falling in the wake of the truck.

“The road through the village at this point is narrow, with cars parked along one side, and at school times the situation is often chaotic and hazardous with parents scrambling for parking places.

“When I told the driver he shouldn’t be coming through here he said ‘we have to, it increases our footprint to go round the bypass’.

“He also told me it’s not my place to tell him he shouldn’t come through here, to which I pointed out that it is as I live in one of the 16th century timber-framed houses in the High Street which shake whenever a truck comes through.”

Later in the afternoon, at around school pick-up time, another large service vehicle stopped outside the Post Office to remove and cap off the broken street light.

Residents have asked for a ban to be put in place stopping large commercial trucks using the High Street in an attempt to ease the traffic problems faced along such a narrow road.