‘Lynx-type cat’ is just a big breed of domestic moggy

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Cat lovers say the animal Royal Golf Club members described as a lynx is actually a Maine coon and probably someone’s pet.

Earlier this week, the Eastbourne Gazette, the Herald’s sister paper, published this picture of a large cat spotted by golfers at the Royal Golf Club.

A number of golfers contacted the Herald to say they believed the animal was a lynx and had a fox-like tail.

The picture was taken by Brian Taylor while he was playing a round of golf.

Shaun Stewart, a golfer from Bexhill, said it was four times bigger than an average sized cat and explained he had called Drusillas to see if such a creature had escaped from the zoo park.

However, Herald and Gazette readers have been in touch and many believe the golfers are mistaken and the cat is most likely to be a domestic breed called a Maine coon.

Eastbourne resident Jennifer Gane said, “I don’t know who this particular animal belongs to but I believe it is a Maine coon which is a very large breed of cat.

“I know this because we own a Maine coon kitten and he has a similar look, lynx like facial features and a big puffy tail.”

Elaine Piercy also called the Herald and said, “It’s a Maine coon, they’re an American breed and much bigger than the average cat and are absolutely beautiful.

“I had one for a while.”

And Barrie Denman added, “The cat is, by the look of it, a Maine coon.

“The size these can grow to be very large indeed, as large as a good sized dog.”

It is not known whether the cat has a home or is living on the Downs. Are you the owner? Email eastbourne.herald@jpress.co.uk