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Looking Back Terminus Road
Looking Back Terminus Road

Several readers have been in touch after a mention in last week’s Herald about the new Facebook group, Gone But Not Forgotten...Eastbourne’s Vanished Shops.

The group has been set up by Trevor Perks and Andrew Speed and already has more than 300 members who have been posting their memories and photographs of shops from yesteryear.

Among the businesses mentioned so far are the Brighton Arms, Sundowners, Mr Kutprice, Langridge and Sayers, Woolworths, the ABC Cinema, Kings Country Club, Bobbys, Barkers and Courts the furniture shop.

David Newman, who moved to Eastbourne in 1948 aged nine, has also sent in his memories of shops, pubs and cinemas from the 1940s and 50s.

He writes, “There were seven cinemas the Luxor in Pevensey Road, the Picturedrome in Langney Road, the Classic in Trinity Place (now the car park), the New Central in Seaside Road, the Tivoli in Seaside Road, the Gaiety in Seaside, the Regal in Seaside, now a funeral parlour.

“The Luxor had an organ that rose from the floor for music during the intervals. If it is still there I wonder if anybody has played it in last 50 years.

“There was also Vinalls in Terminus Road, Bobbys (now Debenhams), Roberts the toy shop in Lismore Road, Dale & Kerley department store in Terminus Road, Plummers (officially Plummer Rhodis) in Terminus Road, Stacy Marks Art Gallery, Joe Lyons tea shop where you could get the best cup of tea in town, the Old Oak Cabin restaurant, the Farmer’s Wife Cafe, Notriani Cafe where they sold Knickerbocker Glory fruit and ice cream in tall glasses, Forte Cafe, Fullers Tea Shop, Panto where Kwikfit is now which used to sell tobacco and sweets and MacFisheries.

“I remember the Brighton Arms Pub in Terminus Road right beside Barclays Bank and Junction Road ran between and you can still see the road name carved into the left (west) flank wall of the 1950s rebuilt bank, indicating exactly where Junction Road was. It was a busy traffic lighted cross roads in centre of the town.

There was also Santoy in Seaside with Henry, a trendy young mens’ hairdresser operating in back room, Gordon in Seaside, opposite Whitley Road Rec, the gent’s outfitters Blinkhorns in Crown Street, Killicks close to Lamb Pub selling clocks, watches and jewellery, Foster Brothers in Seaside, Ollie Leighton in Crown Street, Maynards sweet shop in Seaside Road, Pawsons in Station Parade which was a big sweet shop on corner, Radio Rentals in Grove Road and the Regal Amusement Arcade in Seaside Road.”

If anyone has any old photographs of these old businesses do please send them to us.