Long rush hour queues stretch along A27 for coned-off road and no roadworks

Rush hour motorsts travelling along the A27 this morning faced major delays because of a traffic control - and no roadworks.

Queues stretched from the 50 metre coned off piece of road near Firle all the way to Polegate, with queues also stretching back on the Eastbourne bound side of the road.

One man was seen parked in a van by the coned off area at around 7.15am, but no work was taking place.

Herald reader, Angela Addington was furious. “I have just travelled along the A27 and the traffic queue has taken me over an hour causing me to be late for work.

“There is a stretch of cones and temporary traffic lights with no one working on the patch of road.

“The queues of traffic all the way to Eastbourne is ridiculous. This completely inconsiderate act has caused time and money for businesses around Eastbourne and beyond.

“I am appalled at this completely stupid waste of time and money.

“If no one was available to work on the road it would have saved everyone time and money to wait until later in the morning to put up this traffic control. There is just no excuse for this.”