VIDEO: Impressive team response to club’s current plight sees Eagles soar to victory

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Eastbourne Eagles promoter Bob Dugard told the Eastbourne Herald that the club must be “jinxed” after the its star rider Lewis Blackbird couldn’t compete in Saturday’s fantastic win over top of the table Kings Lynn at the Arlington Stadium because he had been scratched by a cat.

It’s believed Blackbird suffered a minor eye injury, but his absence didn’t prevent the Eagles beating an in-form Kings Lynn side 49-40 in front of a good sized home crowd which had turned out in force to show their support for the club, which is facing closure at the end of the season unless a new backer is found. Mr Dugard in an exclusive interview for the Herald’s website said every effort was being made to save the club but admitted he was not optimistic about the future of the Eastbourne Eagles. Home fans said everyone wanted to show a huge sign of commitment for the Eagles with some revealing why they would try to form a fans’ consortium in order to save the club. Mr Dugard has already revealed to the Herald that he is losing £200,000 a year in keeping the Eastbourne Eagles going. Now watch Mr Dugard’s exclusive interview with the Eastbourne Herald just before the first heat of the night on Saturday together with fans’ reactions.

Lewis Blackbird'� Mike Hinves 2013 SUS-140607-103138001

Lewis Blackbird'� Mike Hinves 2013 SUS-140607-103138001

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