VIDEO: Huge tree comes crashing down

Waiting for Video...

Tree surgeons were called to the Holy Trinity Church on Wednesday afternoon to chop down a nearby tree that was leaning perilously following gale-force winds throughout the South.

Gusts of up to 90 miles per hour have been sweeping through Eastbourne for the past few months and this tree in particular clearly felt the force of such blustery conditions.

The huge tree had begun to lean toward Trinity Trees and so tree surgeons were called in from Hastings to force and control its fall. While they aimed to make it fall into the road, there was no guarantee it wouldn’t swing in the direction of the church and substantial damage was a very real risk.

As a precaution, the footpath was closed and traffic temporarily held up while the tree trunk was cut. After around 20 minutes, the tree crashed down, luckily in the planned direction. The only damage caused was a broken wall and floodlight where the tree landed.




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