VIDEO: Dog show competitors raising cash for overseas competition

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A dog instructor is hosting a series of quiz nights to raise cash for her team to take part in an overseas competition.

Angela Lucas is part of Para-agility Team UK which this year will head to Italy to compete against others in a series of dog agility events.

The group has members from across Sussex and Kent and is made up of both disabled and able bodied people. Classes are split into able-bodied and para-agility categories but members work together for physical and moral support. For the international competition this year Angela is organising a series of fundraisers to help cover expenses while abroad and entry fees.

The 47-year-old, who has always suffered from severe asthma and also has diabetes, said, “It’s a great team sport. We went to one during the Olympic year in Belgium and it was very much getting a feel of what it involved.”

During that event Angela and her dog Bizzy entered a series of categories with Bizzy scooping second and third place in the para-agility classes. Angela is organising a series of quiz nights and is hoping people will get their thinking caps and help raise funds for the cause at the same time. She will be running a league for regular attendees who have the best total score to be rewarded with a prize at the end of the summer.

The next fundraiser is on Saturday April 12 at St Mary’s Church in Decoy Drive. To find out more call Angela on: 07415 859360.




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