Sparkling step from west coast to Eastbourne

The Medards SUS-140424-164102001

The Medards SUS-140424-164102001

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When the dream job came up for professional winemaker Jonathan Medard he had no hesitation in swapping perpetually sunny California for occasionally sunny East Sussex.

Jonathan and his wife Lisa relocated from the Napa Valley to Alfriston’s new Rathfinny Wine Estate. Winemaker Jonathan, originally from Epernay in France, said, “It was an easy decision. I have had the opportunity to help start a new winery from scratch. And the soil and climate here is very similar to the Champagne region.”

As well as adjusting to a different working environment, a suitable home had to be found for the couple and their dog this side of the pond. Their search for the perfect house has been chronicled on screen via Househunters International, the US equivalent of our home-grown Location, Location, Location. Filmed helping them in their quest was Mike Reid from Cornfield Road, Eastbourne estate agency Reid and Dean.


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