No more sad puppies thanks to Happy Paws

Happy Paws puppy rescue service. Lisa Smart with (left to Right) Maisie, Cindy, Molly SUS-140714-142715001

Happy Paws puppy rescue service. Lisa Smart with (left to Right) Maisie, Cindy, Molly SUS-140714-142715001

Eastbourne businesswoman and dog lover Lisa Smart has started her own charity to find homes for unwanted puppies from the UK and abroad.

Lisa Smart set up Happy Paws Puppy Rescue with the aim of rescuing puppies who, through no fault of their own, would be at risk of being put to sleep because no-one wanted them.

Asked how the charity came about, Lisa said, “I have been working alongside other dog rescuers for a year so I was able to gain much needed experience, understanding and knowledge. It soon became evident that too many puppies were being put to sleep because homes could not be found quickly enough.

“Through Happy Paws I now have built up a network of organisations which will let me know when a puppy is in need. Happy Paws then fosters the puppy and then finds the puppy a wonderful home.”

Lisa completed her first rescue last week. Little Cindy was at risk, Lisa picked her up from London and brought her home. Cindy spent four days in Lisa’s home with her family and her two Golden Retrievers while a suitable home was found. Lisa said, “Cindy really landed on her little paws as she has been re-homed with a wonderfully, kind and compassionate family who love her to bits.”

Happy Paws also offers advice on choosing a puppy: • If you can, see the mother with the litter and judge the parents’ health and temperament. Make sure your chosen pet is old enough to leave its mother and check that the seller’s facilities are clean, and that the animals appear healthy.

• Never send money or a cheque to someone in exchange for a pet. Ask for a written medical history of the animal (vaccination and worming etc.)

• Consider adopting a puppy from the rescue section. There are thousands of healthy dogs who need a home.

In order to rescue more puppies, Lisa needs help with fundraising. If you can support the charity, please email her at: Lisasmart213@aol.com




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