Cash appeal for Eastbourne project to help women reach goals

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Plans to build a website which will help young girls and women in Eastbourne reach their goals and get fulfilling careers needs a cash boost.

The WayfinderWoman website will be an online community which will replicate the Wayfinder Club which meets on the second Thursday of each month in the town for working women to talk about issues which effect them.

It is the brainchild of Eastbourne business coach Laura Murphy who has launched a £2,900 appeal to get the website built and is appealing to local businesses, organisations and individuals to pledge cash.

Laura said, “This has arisen because I’ve seen from the years of coaching and mentoring I’ve done that there are issues that prevent women in particular from progressing their careers, starting and running a business – or even deciding what sort of career to follow.

“I wanted to take this further because I can’t stretch myself to be in six places at once and because there’s demand. I want to build an online community WayfinderWoman. That way young girls and women who feel isolated, or unsure, or anxious, or frustrated can have a support community where they can share and provide mutual advice and support.

“That way they can become the successful women they want to be – and government report after government report has highlighted how women are the engine that will drive the economy so we need to do everything we can to help them be that.

“I need £2,800 to get the website built so still looking for pledges. I’m using a new start up social enterprise company HOME run by Helen Owen who trains women and young people in how to build websites and social media/digital marketing.

“The website will have four functions. It will provide an on-line community for women to gain peer support. They will be able to share their experiences and, in a member only section, allow for confidential exchange of information.

“There will be guest blogs by inspirational and motivational role models, mainly female, from all industries and sectors. These blogs will help girls, young and older women to gain confidence, take their lives in positive directions and build careers or businesses.

“It will give links to valuable videos, TED talks, blogs, scientific papers, articles, supporting organisations; resources that will aid and support women in helping them find the solutions to the barriers they face. It will also provide the scientific background to the material found in the book. “Finally it will allow people to access the book WayfinderWoman: 52 routes to inner health. Using tried and tested techniques, with a section per week, the book equips women to change their behaviours so they can have a more positive mind set and encourage them to find a better way of living life.

“The long-term aim of the website is for it to become the go to site for women with ambition, of any age, whether that ambition be acknowledged or hidden; for it to be inclusive so that all women can use it knowing they will be valued and encouraged. It will be a powerful voice for them and create a forum that will be a lead influencer in policy decisions that affect women in work; be that entering the workplace, climbing the career ladder or running their own business.”

The fundraising appeal is being launched as Laura publishes her new book called WayfinderWoman: 52 routes to inner health and self confidence.

The book by Laura, who has been coaching and mentoring for nearly 20 years, is based on her motivational and thought-provoking tweets and reviewers say she has brought a level of insight and practical suggestions to help women address the fundamental issues which have an impact on their self-confidence and inner health.

The book has been endorsed by Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce chief Christina Ewbank who said, “If you share one of Laura’s great ideas with your friends and colleagues each week you will learn more about yourself and how to make the best of life’s ups and downs. You may even remember how to skip like a child again.”

Laura said, “The book has the tweet and about 300 words to explain why something’s happened and how you can change what you do, your attitude to improve your self esteem, confidence and ultimately yourself.

“There’s 52 of them and I’ve got another 200 so there could be sequels. There’s room in the book to write things down, things that have inspired you, moved you, things you need to think about, reflect on, and some wonderful illustrations scattered throughout which really brings WayfinderWoman to life.”

For details on how to pledge visit www.crowdfunder.co.uk/wayfinderwoman/




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