Little Star Maisie has won bravery award

Maisie Smith who has cancer with her 'Little Star Award'. Dec 13th 2012 E50182N
Maisie Smith who has cancer with her 'Little Star Award'. Dec 13th 2012 E50182N

A brave little seven-year-old who has been battling cancer has won a Little Star Award.

Young Maisie Smith, who lives with her family in St Philips Avenue has undergone nearly two years of gruelling cancer treatment but continues to have a smile on her face.

Earlier this year, Maisie’s courage earned her a Little Star award for bravery and she is encouraging other families to nominate their children for the award, which is organised by Cancer Research UK and sponsored by TK Maxx.

Maisie first became poorly in February last year when she developed pains in her arms and legs. Parents Sarah and Dominic thought she had been in a playground tumble. It took three trips to the doctor and another three to hospital to finally get a diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia.

Maisie underwent one round of chemotherapy and is still undergoing a second which involves daily, weekly and monthly doses.

Mum Sarah said, “She is a bubbly, bright, positive little girl. She was five when she was diagnosed but she really got her mind around what she had to do where her medicines and hospital visits were concerned.

“Because she was so good, she made us stay positive. She has been brilliant – like all the children you see coping with cancer, she has been awe-inspiring.”

Maisie has missed nearly a whole year of school but is looking forward to being part of the Roselands School nativity play this year. She also loves swimming, dancing and ballet.

Sarah said, “She has had to learn at a very young age that life can be rough. Childhood isn’t always the lovely, happy bubble it should be. She has had to wise-up and has lost some of her innocence.

“She has even comforted Dominic and I when we have been upset and unable to hide our distress.”