Little Chelsea traffic plan backed by locals

Grove Road
Grove Road

Reducing traffic in Little Chelsea has been backed by a number of traders, residents and shoppers.

The results come from a survey which were discussed at a public meeting held at the Town Hall.

Among those in the audience last Friday included members of Eastbourne Borough Council as well as Mark McFadden, president of Eastbourne Unlimited Chamber of Commerce.

In total 38 traders, 30 residents and 120 shoppers completed the survey which resulted in 87 per cent and above in each group saying they would support temporary closures in Grove Road and South Street. When asked if they would like to see more permanent traffic restrictions on the two roads, 60 per cent of traders said they would like to see changes to the current situation, with 70 per cent of residents and 73 per cent agreeing. Of these results five per cent of traders said they would like to see the area closed to traffic entirely, as would 17 per cent of residents and 20 per cent of shoppers. Twenty per cent of shoppers and residents said the current situation regarding restrictions was fine as it is, along with 39 per cent of traders.

Carolyn Lindsey, chair of Little Chelsea Traders’ Association, said, “It was encouraging to see a wide representation of Little Chelsea’s community at the meeting and the input from the audience and the officials present was both constructive and supportive.

“We know this will take some time before any real change is likely to happen but it would be good in the meantime to find ways of trialling some ideas in order to test out some of the theories.”

There are no proposals at this stage and the aim of the survey was to find out what people want.

The next stage will be a workshop where any suggestions will be put forward to the council and highways.

A spokesman for East Sussex County Council said, “We are always happy to listen to people’s road safety concerns and suggestions. We do operate with a limited budget and must assess and prioritise those schemes that can demonstrate a road safety benefit for all road users. We are able to match fund schemes that the community are keen to see introduced, but they must also meet certain criteria.”