Lifeboat launched to distressed windsurfer

Lifeboat callout. SUS-141106-090743001
Lifeboat callout. SUS-141106-090743001

Eastbourne’s all-weather lifeboat was diverted from engine trials yesterday afternoon (Tuesday, June 10) to assist a windsurfer whose equipment had failed in Pevensey Bay.

Electronic engineers from RNLI headquarters had installed upgrades to the computer systems aboard Diamond Jubilee and were leaving Sovereign Harbour with the volunteer crew to conduct trials.

As they reached the harbour entrance, they were contacted by Dover Coastguard to inform them the family of a windsurfer had reported he was in trouble, could not right his board and had been in the water for some time. In less than two minutes, the ALB was alongside the man.

The ALB crew launched the on-board ‘Y-boat’ (RIB) with crewmen Clive Collict and Alex Emberley. The windsurfer was taken aboard and returned to the beach to be reunited with his family. The wind-surf board was later recovered and also taken ashore to be returned to its owner.