Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg visits Eastbourne

NICK CLEGG, surrounded by national and international media, descended on Eastbourne this morning (Wednesday, May 5) for the final day of campaigning before the election.

Around 400 men, women, children and dogs, the majority with yellow Lib Dem stickers and many with 'I agree with Nick' banners, went to Western Lawns to hear the Liberal Democrat leader make one of his final campaign speeches.

The Lib Dem battle bus pulled in just before 11am.

A few spots of rain started to fall as Mr Clegg arrived for his fourth visit to The Sunshine Coast in recent months.

Since Mr Clegg's last visit to the town just six weeks ago, three televised leaders' debates have elevated his status.

Wearing his lucky yellow tie and with his wife Miriam by his side he was tracked by Japanese camera crews, Spanish reporters and a political correspondent from the Washington Post who had flown in to cover the General Election.

After telling the crowd and cameras that it was "Now time to make a choice", Mr Clegg took questions, questions on the nuclear deterrent, what the Lib Dems would do for those who have suffered from the recession and on electoral reform.

Telling the Herald he was positive that Eastbourne's Lib Dem candidate Stephen Lloyd was going to win, Mr Clegg got back on the battle bus. And then on to Durham before going back to his constituency of Sheffield for tomorrow's election.