LETTER: I see more police in Spain
Alison Cushing (Herald , March 20) raises an important issue about the police and I consider their priorities are completely wrong. Surely the one thing the public expect of the police is that it is visible. My experience living in Eastbourne is policing is largely absent from the streets. I recently had a holiday in a seaside town in southern Spain, of comparable size to Eastbourne. In the busy town centre in a country whose economy has been hit harder than in the UK, I saw more policemen on the streets in a hour than I have in four years in Eastbourne. Surely a police presence is required to deter anti-social behaviour and other crime such as shop lifting, and to re-assure the public and shop owners? The Spanish have certainly got visible policing. In the UK we have no-one available; the thin blue line has got thinner, except if you are a lost seal where a posse of least 10 officers from Cheshire and Merseyside police turned up to help the RSPCA and fire service in a recent rescue.

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