LETTER: Turn off the spotlight
I am a private citizen and in the past week I have attended my place of work, supported a local fun day and joined a dinner for trustees of a community organisation of which I am a member. I have assisted a neighbour and supported a friend in need – none of this is newsworthy or of any interest to the readers of the Herald, many of whom will have been equally busy serving their local communities, quietly and without fuss or self-promotion. I had thought that, following the recent General Election result, we might be able to browse the local paper without seeing the relentless publicity for former MP Stephen Lloyd, but it seems not. We continue to be treated to reports of his new job, events that he has attended and general updates on how he is getting along. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against the chap and I know many people who said that he was a very good MP; however, the electorate has spoken and he is now a private citizen once again. Please can we give it a rest with the free publicity and afford Mr Lloyd the same amount of exposure as the rest of us, who are just getting on with our lives.

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