LETTER: Cars in control of our streets
This week I have heard of three different cycle-related incidents in Eastbourne so time once again to put pen to paper with a plea for renewed action from us all. The dear wife of a colleague was knocked off her bike by a car driver. Luckily she was unhurt but of course shaken and now understandably wary of riding on Eastbourne roads again. Another person I know of experienced a case of serious road rage from a driver that ended in a physical altercation. The cause was simply not giving the cyclist enough space on the road. Today another colleague of mine who is a Bikeability instructor was out on a quiet road near a primary school with a small group of nine-11-year-olds. A passing parent driver slowed right down, pointing at their watch. The body language message clearly was ‘are you mad to be on the road approaching school run time?’ 2
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