LETTER: Celebrating a Great Briton
I should like to draw attention to an important feast day for Eastbourne which occurs on Monday, May 25 – the feast of St Bede, otherwise known as the Venerable Bede, after whom one of our local schools is named. Bede lived from around 672 to 735 AD. He was a monk in a monastery at Jarrow in the North East. He is celebrated as one of the greatest scholars of Anglo-Saxon England and is known as ‘The Father of English History’. Among the 60 or so books he wrote was ‘De Temporum’ – ‘On Time’ – which, among other things, popularised the use of ‘Anno Domini’, dating our calendar from the birth of Christ. His computing of the tides was used as a standard text book for the next 500 years. He wrote of the earth as ‘spherical’ - not flat. He was canonized a saint by the Catholic Church in 1899. He must be counted among the ranks of Great Britons. The school should be proud to bear his name.
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