LETTER: Quality of life under threat
I find myself greatly concerned with the potential consequences for Hailsham of the Wealden development plan. East Sussex county policy is a primary school for every 1,000 homes. The plan would mean nine primary schools, or perhaps a massive increase in class sizes, or restricted access to the local school. The NHS advises that three doctors per 1,000 people are a basic requirement and a Community Hospital in every town above a population of 40,000. So will Hailsham get the 60 extra medics, or the polyclinics it will need? Southern Water says it may be able to deal with foul water by 2020. In the meantime pollution affects endangered species in the Pevensey Marshes. Economically we need to overcome the daily gridlock of our roads, find jobs and somehow change the less than vibrant town centre. I wonder how this will be achieved. The health, education, and quality of life of Hailsham residents will suffer and deteriorate if this plan is allowed to go through by our councillors.

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