“Legal highs” on sale in the town’s shops

Legal High brought by Herald reporter. Eastbourne SUS-141007-131736001
Legal High brought by Herald reporter. Eastbourne SUS-141007-131736001

Herald reporters have been able to buy so called “legal highs” in Eastbourne.

A reporter went in to a town centre shop this week and paid £10 for the 1g pack of Black Mamba Ultra, a concoction of hazardous substances.

Although the warnings on the packet are clear the contents are not for human consumption, Eastbourne Police say young people are risking their lives by taking Black Mamba and other drugs which are readily available from stores in the town.

The package and the name of the store where we bought it from have been passed on to Eastbourne Police chief Steve Biglands who has launched a campaign calling on traders not to sell legal highs.

Chief Inspector Biglands – backed by Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce – is asking retailers and publicans not to sell the substances and also warning people who buy legal highs to take care as many of the ingredients have not been tested for human consumption.

Chief Inspector Biglands said he was concerned at the availability of legal highs in Eastbourne and said traders who do sell them were being socially irresponsible.

Police are now trying to encourage a voluntary agreement from retailers to not sell the substances, which have names such as Go Gaine, Liquid Gold, Pure Gold, Blizzard, Blueberry Blitz, Chalk, Charge, Charles, Euphoria, Disco Biscuits, Rainbow Pellets and White Rockets.

“Drugs that are prescribed have a dosage and a tolerance but with so-called legal highs, there are no guidelines, no limit to what is safe and most importantly, people don’t know what’s in them or what they are taking,” said Chief Inspector Biglands.

“People don’t talk about the risks associated with these substances. We will be going into premises, with the support of the Chamber and the borough council, and asking them why they would want to see what could be potentially dangerous to their customers.”