Launch of National Citizen Scheme in Eastbourne


Local MP Stephen Lloyd visited Eastbourne Academy to celebrate the launch of the National Citizen Service.

The MP met young people about to embark on the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a difference in their communities. The programme, run locally by Catch22, will help young people to enhance their CVs and develop skills for work and life.

As the government’s largest personal and social development programme for young people, NCS gives 16 and 17 year olds from different backgrounds a life changing experience.

Through the programme young people will have the opportunity to make new friends and face new challenges on residential weeks away from home. They will also work with businesses and local community organisations in Eastbourne to design and deliver a community based project that matters to them.

Employers say extra-curricular activities are as important as exam results when assessing school leavers’ CVs and 76 per cent of employers say taking part in extra-curricular activities outside of school will boost young people’s chances of getting a job, compared with 75 per cent for qualifications and exam results.

NCS Coordinator at Catch22, Candice Kelcey-Archbold said, “NCS is a great opportunity for young people to make new friends, take part in a variety of fun activities and build their self esteem. Catch22 is working locally to help more youngsters in Eastbourne take up this great opportunity and there are offers and bursaries available to ensure all young people can enjoy this fantastic programme.”