Language schools seek hosts

Language schools plea
Language schools plea

Eastbourne’s reputation as a popular language school destination of choice continues to grow worldwide.

So much so, that a number of our top local language schools are looking for more hosts this summer. Upwards of 100 new families are being sought by the Eastbourne School of English, LTC, St Giles and the Twin English Centre.

Stephen Lloyd MP said, “I am a big supporter of the language schools in Eastbourne. They have an outstanding reputation, bring a considerable amount of money into our town – more than £20 million a year – employ many dedicated staff and last, but not least, provide a solid income stream for many residents who act as hosts.

“This year, the demand is so high, they need to hear from 100 new potential hosts quickly, which is why I’ve joined them in publicising the issue. Please call the numbers below if you think you may be interested.”

Hosts in Eastbourne can expect a top up income of between £95 and £117 per student per week.

An experienced host for the Twin School added:,“We have been a host family to international students for the past year and have been absolutely delighted by the experience. It has also been a useful source of additional income.”

Please contact the schools directly for details:

Eastbourne School of English: 01323 721 759

LTC: 01323 727 755

St Giles: 01323 729 167

Twin English Centre: 01323 725 887.