Kindhearted firm helps the horses at Rainbow Rescue

Billy one of the newest rescues at Rainbow Bridge
Billy one of the newest rescues at Rainbow Bridge

A horse rescue centre has thanked recycling company Haulaway for doing a free day of work on their site.

Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue Centre was struggling to get their rescued horses and ponies in and out of the site because it had become very waterlogged and muddy.

Lisa Holloway, from Haulaway, said, “We received an email from the rescue centre asking if we could supply some materials at a discounted rate.”

Lisa’s dad Colin Haulaway, the MD of the business, has been around horses all his life and felt he wanted to do something to help.

Haulaway arranged a meeting with the volunteers at the rescue centre and saw the muddy conditions they and the animals were struggling with.

The recycling firm, which is based in Hailsham, then arranged for the work to take place.

They spent a day working at the site and created a hard surface for the horses. They also provided boarding for the inside of the stables which will help to make a more cosy home for the animals.

While they were on site, the team met one of the centre’s newest arrivals. Billy the pony, pictured as the work took place, was rescued and taken to the centre as Haulaway provided their services.

The team at Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue contacted the Gazette to say how happy they were with the work.

The charity, which is based in Wilmington, is dedicated to saving horses and has had some remarkable success stories over the years.

The volunteers also expressed their thanks to Haulaway on Facebook.

They posted, “Massive thanks should be given to this company who have transformed the RainbowBridge Equine Rescue yard by putting a hard surface down at the entrance and on the track where the mud used to be.

“Not only did Haulaway give the materials for free, they sent a happy crew to do all the work!

“It was a whole day’s work and in very cold conditions.

“They have also supplied us with boarding to line the inside of the stables.

“Not many people would make such an incredible donation to help the horses.

“Think some of them were quite taken by Billy and the rest of the horses.

“Thank you!”

Lisa said, “It is really nice to be able to help them.

“I have seen the pictures and it looks much better there now and it will be much easier for them with the horses.

“We are pleased we were able to put things right for them.”

To find out more about the horse rescue centre and how to help the charity see the Rainbow Bridge Equine Rescue Facebook page.