Kayaker rescued after late night sea struggle

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A KAYAKER who went out to sea in the middle of the night had to be rescued by lifeboat crews at 6am on Sunday (August 19).

Eastbourne’s volunteer inshore lifeboat crew were requested to launch by Dover Coastguard shortly before 6am after a man tried to make the most of the warm weather with a late night kayak.

The crews were called in to help the exhausted reveller who had called for help from his inflatable boat.

The man had set out at 3am from the beach near Eastbourne Pier because he wanted to reach a boat which had anchored nearby.

The Trinity House vessel Galatea was at anchor off Eastbourne Pier but the man was struggling to reach it and then ran in to difficulty.

Dan Guy, from Eastbourne Lifeboats, said, “He had been out there for three hours and he was struggling against the strong falling tide.”

The man became exhausted and had no other option but to called Dover Coastguard from his mobile phone for help.

The volunteer crews arrived at the scene within a few minutes of the request.

Lifeboat men collected the man and his kayak and took him back to the Inshore Lifeboat station.

The exhausted kayaker was offered safety advice before being passed into the care of a waiting Coastguard officer.

Dan added, “My advice would be not to go out at that time of night and against those tides.

“One of the main dangers is if you run in to difficulty or go under, no-one can see you in the dark to raise the alarm.”

The Gazette understands the man had been interested in the large vessel which had stopped around a mile and a half off Eastbourne’s shoreline.

The Galatea is a state of the art vessel with a wide range of specialist features including a lift crane, a helicopter landing pad and a high-speed workboat.