Kayaker rescued after hour in water

Eastbourne RNLI call out May 22s
Eastbourne RNLI call out May 22s
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A KAYAKER fell out of his craft and needed to be rescued by the Eastbourne lifeboat crew after spending an hour in the water.

The man was enjoying the sunshine and angling a few hundred metres offshore when he slipped out of his kayak while moving around to store his fishing gear.

Fortunately he was well equipped with a wet suit and buoyancy aid but was left bobbing up and down in the water trying desperately to get the attention of fishermen on the beach.

After some time he was noticed by concerned onlookers who contacted Dover Coastguard. The volunteer crew from Eastbourne inshore lifeboat were afloat within five minutes of the distress call reaching them and with helmsman Paul Rogers in command were on scene within 12 minutes.

The kayaker was cold and shaken but otherwise unharmed and was returned to shore with his craft after Tuesday’s incident.