Izzy steps out on BHF fundraising 62-mile trek

Izzy Riach
Izzy Riach

Willingdon resident Izzy Riach was among more than 500 people who took to the testing hills and pathways of the south east recently for the British Heart Foundation’s second annual London to Brighton Trek in a united front against coronary heart disease, the UK’s single biggest killer.

Izzy walked 62 miles non-stop for the challenge and for the many people affected by heart disease, including her mother, who has had a triple bypass.

Izzy said, “I try to do a challenge to raise money for charity each year. This is one of the longest challenges I have done. Not only is it covering an incredible distance, on foot, but it is non-stop over an incredible length of time, starting first thing on the Saturday, walking through the night and finishing mid-morning on the Sunday. This made it both a physical and an emotional and mental challenge.

“The people that you meet during the event make it all worthwhile. Encouraging each other on as well as the amazing support I had from family and friends has meant I have raised over £1,000 for such a great cause which will help fund vital research needed to fight heart disease.”

More than £200,000 was raised by walkers.