It’s a snip!Homeless offered free haircuts

JPEE Male Concept in Eastbourne
JPEE Male Concept in Eastbourne

An Eastbourne male grooming salon is offering free haircuts to homeless people sleeping rough in the town.

Owner Jason Holland came up with the idea on Christmas Day after reading a post on Facebook by his friend Luke Woodford.

Eastbourne-based photographer Luke Woodford has been helping the homeless by donating his own branded beanie hats from his clothing business Lucas which has been running for six months.

As a result of Luke’s actions, ten big brands donated to the cause including Asda, New Look, Topman and Gillette.

Male Concept contacted Luke and told him that he could send homeless people to them for free haircuts.

Jason said, “Over Christmas I was thinking about the work that Luke does with the homeless and I thought that I would like to do something to help.

“I want to give something back. There’s always someone worse off than yourself and it’s nice to help.

“It doesn’t do anyone any harm to help out.”

Luke said he wanted to help the homeless by giving them a beanie as well as spread the message that brands shouldn’t discriminate against people living on the street.

“By giving them a beanie it not only spreads that message but it helps keep them warm in the winter so by giving a beanie it does two things at once.”

Luke also plans to sell a small number of limited edition t-shirts featuring a homeless man on the front and use the profits to give away more beanies to those living on the street.

“I’m going to carry on doing my thing and giving them beanies anyway but by doing this I could do it on a bigger scale and it’s good to have lots of people involved, to really create a movement. “

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