‘Inclusion’ wins Quality Mark at Polegate School

E11172Q SUS-140825-123302001
E11172Q SUS-140825-123302001

Polegate School has achieved sought-after national recognition.

The school has been awarded the prestigious Inclusion Quality Mark in recognition of its outstanding practices and the high standard of education offered to all pupils at every level.

The school went through rigorous assessments over two days which encompassed management, teachers, parents and pupils and aimed to measure qualities of leadership, teaching and learning.

The excellent outcome of the assessment resulted to the school being named as an IQM Centre of Excellence.

The report stated that ‘inclusion was at the heart of the school’s work and pupils thrive in an environment in which all are equally valued and supported and in which they develop a passion for learning. There is a very rich learning environment and busy working atmosphere throughout the school, with pupils working enthusiastically together in groups, pairs and individually. Pupils are articulate, polite and able to talk confidently about their learning. They are a credit to the school. Expectations are high and assessment and tracking systems are rigorous.’

One pupil said, “The best thing about this school is the encouragement and support you get from everyone - from all the adults in the school, from your friends, buddies, school council, head boy and head girl.”

The report recognised ‘strong and inspirational leadership provided by the dedicated headteacher and senior leadership team. The assessor stated that ‘very good relationships are evident throughout the school, with all members of the school community working together very effectively as a team to provide the best possible learning experiences for pupils.’

Headteacher Claire Martin-O’Donoghue said, “This has been an incredibly busy year for Polegate School. We have had an Ofsted visit followed by the Inclusion Mark Assessment. Staff have taken these challenges in their stride. We take pride in all of the school’s achievements this year. This latest award is a testament to staff’s hard work, to the loyalty and continued support of all our families and school partners, and to our pupils’ enthusiasm and zest for learning.” The school will receive its award at a ceremony on September 30 in Pall Mall, London.