Huge cheque handed over to Air Ambulance

MEMBERS of Seaford and Newhaven Round Table have presented a cheque for an impressive £15,000 to the Sussex Air Ambulance.

The huge sum will help the life-saving service, which has no government, National Lottery or NHS support, to continue with helping in various incidents.

The charity is dependant upon the community, groups, clubs, organisations and individuals who fundraise on their behalf.

The money was the largest group contribution for 2007 and one of Seaford and Newhaven Round Table's biggest projects. It was raised through sponsorship of a mountain-climb on Slovenia's highest peak, Mount Triglav in October last year.

The Sussex Air Ambulance costs 1.5 million each year to provide an emergency helicopter to the people of Sussex.

Flying at 150mph, the 3.5m McDonnell Douglas helicopter can rapidly reach all over Sussex deploying a specialist crew able to perform emergency trauma and even surgical procedures at the scene. A patient can then be flown to the most suitable hospital for their condition far faster than any land-based transport.

Pete Alden, press officer for the Seaford and Newhaven Round Table, said, "We deemed that it was a worthy cause. The group approached us and we said we would do something.

"The air ambulance can deliver a very immediate response over most of Sussex in 15 minutes and now has a doctor on board, who can give life-saving surgery at the scene."