How you can own a Tracey Emin drawing for just 99p to benefit East Sussex charity

On the face of things Tracey Emin, David Cameron, Ronnie Corbett and Greg Rusedski don’t have an awful lot in common.

However, they have come together, along with dozens of other famous faces, to support St Wilfrid’s Hospice.

The Eastbourne charity, which is currently building a state-of-the-art new home in the town, has organised a secret art auction and been inundated with donated pieces for it to sell off.

The Turner Prize winning Emin has submitted four of the postcard sized pieces, which will be available to buy for as little as 99p.

Other well known names from the art world to take part include David Hockney, Pure Evil and local artist Barry Wilson, who was the winner of the prestigious Saatchi online showdown earlier this year.

All of the 500 donated pieces will appear anonymously both online and in exhibition at the Towner, which has teamed up with the hospice to help host the event.

The work is set to go on display at the Towner tomorrow (Saturday) and will be there until the following Saturday. The auction, which will be held on, will run from today until October 21.

St Wilfrid’s Hospice’s Kara Bishop said the sheer number of postcards donated was a heart-warming start to an exciting event. “This is an opportunity for anyone, not just art collectors, to support our charity and stand to gain substantially from it, be it in terms of

owning a valuable artwork or from the enjoyment we can all get from a piece of art that truly strikes us as beautiful or moving.

“The auction will appeal to art collectors and complete newcomers to the art world but the beauty is, with artists spanning 96 years and from household names to hospice patients, nobody will really know which ones are by a famous artist until after the virtual gavel falls.”

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