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Hampden Park Community Hall, Brodrick Road. May 8th 2013  E19132P
Hampden Park Community Hall, Brodrick Road. May 8th 2013 E19132P
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An Eastbourne based group is holding a summer fair next month to mark 101 years of Hampden Park Community Centre in Brodrick Road being used by the public and is calling on residents to try and help uncover some of its history.

Hampden Park Community Association (HCPA) manage the building, which according to the stone above the entrance was built in 1912. The plans of the building are missing but the planning department records show ‘Hampden Park Hall’ built in 1912 and numbered either as 8 or as 2, 4 ,6 and 8 Brodrick Road.

Ivor Hueting, a committee member of HCPA, said the hall was built by a local builder for his own use but what that was remains a mystery.

It is thought that the building might have been used as a drill hall at some point.

Mr Hueting has been trying to uncover some of its history and is hoping local residents may be able to piece together the missing pieces of the jigsaw. The association rents the hall from Eastbourne Borough Council and the facility is used by clubs for different activities including pilates, line dancing and street dancing.

The association was handed the centre in 1981.

Mr Hueting said, “Thirty years on, the association would like to hear from residents who want to help them recognise the value of the building that in now their community centre.

“Is there, perhaps, even a nearby resident, who also has a 101st birthday this year? And, can anyone fill in the gaps in the history of this remarkable building?

Mr Hueting said, “Lorraine Lambert is the chairman of the association and she has done a tremendous amount of work in helping the centre continue and holding it together in these difficult financial times. The committee meets once a month to talk about its upkeep, review activities and look at additional income to make sure its financially viable.”

The fair will be held on June 1 from 10am until 3pm at the centre and will include a WRVS cake stall.

Anyone who has any information should call Mr Hueting on 400313.