High school’s Old Girls to reunite

A reunion is to be held for Old Girls of Eastbourne High School.

It is being organised by Sue Storey, who writes, “I am currently organising a grand reunion of our particular year of the Old Girls of Eastbourne High School.

“We were there back in the day when it was customary to include Latin in the syllabus, there was no truck with Media Studies, speaking was not allowed in the corridors and a maximum of about eight ‘O’ levels was enough for anyone.

“Boys were a fascinating species seen only after school at the bottom of Eldon Road where we would stand, regulation berets on head, watching to see the first battalions of Grammar School boys tear over the hill on their dropped handlebar racing bikes.

“As you can imagine, it was back in the mists of time – well, in 1959 when our particular group first entered the portals of what is now the Cavendish School building.

“The majority of us left in 1964 after completing our ‘O’ levels about the time when Roy Orbison was No 1 with It’s Over and the Continental Coffee bar in Terminus Road was the only place to be.

“A few hardy and particularly brainy souls went on to the glories of the sixth form where they studied for ‘A’ levels, became prefects and were allowed to eschew ankle socks in favour of Lisle stockings.

“Our year group has already had a couple of successful reunions – once when we were 40, and again when 
we were 60. We have 
decided on another now we are 65 (ish).

“A seafront hotel is booked and Cavendish School has kindly agreed to let those of us who fancy seeing the old alma mater again have a tour around.

“It will be a shock for some to discover that quadrangles have become classrooms and that students (pupils in our day) are allowed to walk through the entrance hall.

“We have relentlessly tracked down quite a few ladies from our year group who are brave enough to attend but there are still others out there who have so far escaped.

“If anyone out there is reading this, and remembers those flattering blue summer dresses, Mrs Chad’s maths lessons and stodge for pudding during the years 1959-64/66 or know of people who did, we would really love to see 
more people, to catch up 
and have a laugh about yesteryear.

“Where are you Diana Gooding, Linda Bradley, Sheila Passmore? Where are you hiding Linda Pentney, Linda Holloway, Christine Tarrant, Pauline Deacon, Christine Watkins, Valerie Doe, Frances Langridge? Note the absence of anyone called Kylie, Alysha, Tiffany or Jade etc.”

The date is set for September 28 2013. I can be contacted at suestorey@hotmail.com and would be so pleased to gather in a few 
more of our latter day school mates.”