Helping Eastbourne to Recycle

A GROUP which recycles unwanted everyday items by offering them to people free of charge is going from strength to strength as it prepares to celebrate its seventh birthday.

Eastbourne Freegle is an online scheme which boasts almost 4,000 members who each get regular emails listed items other members no longer want. If something catches their eye, a member simply sends the person a message and arranges to collect it – providing they get in first.

Regularly popping up on offer are televisions, sports equipment, DIY materials, furniture, books, toys and clothes, although there are also the odd unusual item up for grabs, including an old Second World War air raid shelter and some fresh squid.

Basically, if something is in working order, you can list it. The idea is to help people save money while stopping useful bits and bobs from being binned.

In the last month alone, Eastbourne Freegle saved more than 5,600kg of reusable items from incinerators and landfill, which works out as the equivalent to 1,879 lampshades, or 2,770 sandwich makers.

And one of the people behind the scheme is confident it will continue to grow. Melissa Minty told the Herald, “On average every person in the UK throw away their own body weight in rubbish every seven weeks, so we think we’re really making a difference.

“You would be amazed at what you can get rid of and what you can get. The amount of goods that we ensure are reused rather than thrown away is growing every day.

“It is really easy to be part of Eastbourne Freegle. You’ll need access to a computer and an email address. Upon joining the group, you’ll receive easy instructions on how everything works and what to do. You can also join up via Facebook.

“Freegle groups also foster community spirit, lessen mindless consumerism, assist the economically challenged, reduce the burden on local council resources and encourage a more sustainable lifestyle – all done locally by locals and all done for free.

“So by joining up to the Eastbourne Freegle group you may even meet neighbours and discover positive initiatives going on in your area along the way.

“Whether you are an individual, family, old or young, a local organisation, sports club, charity, rich or poor or a business you can benefit from joining and start to offer any unwanted items you have to the other members in the Eastbourne area.

“If there’s some item you are looking for then you can ask for those things too – someone just may have what you are looking for, and no longer need it themselves.

“Freegle members can save money, time, energy and the planet – all at the same time.”

For more information on how to join, email, visit or follow @EBFreegle on Twitter.