Group formed to fight for better A27 road links

A group has been set up to boost the case for an improved A27 road link between Eastbourne and Lewes.

The A27 Reference Group brings together local MPs – including Eatbourne MP Stephen Lloyd – East Sussex County Council, council leaders and chief executives from local authorities along the A27’s route.

It will be designed to ensure that East Sussex presents a unified voice when presenting the arguments demonstrating how essential these improvements are to the road between Eastbourne and Lewes.

The group will be lobbying the Department for Transport and the Highways Agency directly to ensure that the key arguments to improve this trunk road get heard at the highest levels.

Eastbourne MP Stephen Lloyd said, “I was delighted to see that East Sussex County Council has put together this group to lobby for improvements to our underdeveloped road.

“Other councils further along the A27 in West Sussex have been very organised and been pushing for improvements for a while, so I am pleased to see East Sussex Council have also launched a reference panel that will help co-ordinate all the efforts coming from local MPs and Councils.

“There may be differences in emphasis but I know that all of us agree our section of the A27 urgently needs improvement.

“Eastbourne has recaptured the buzz – we’re the fastest growing town in East Sussex, with excellent employment opportunities, huge levels of investment, and growing tourist numbers.

“The enormous demand for this road is only going to increase over coming years, and we will all be making sure the Agency is aware of this.

“I look forward to working with everyone to ensure our town finally gets the road it deserves.”