Fresh fears for the future of sub-post offices

Freshwater Square, shops to be closing down March 1st 2013 E10013P'The Post Office
Freshwater Square, shops to be closing down March 1st 2013 E10013P'The Post Office

A NEW survey has revealed a “disastrous financial situation” for the majority of post offices struggling to survive in the wake of falling incomes and a lack of new work.

The statistics come as the sub post office in Willingdon’s Freshwater Square prepares to close with operations being moved to the shop in Willingdon Village.

The National Federation of SubPostmasters, which carried out the income survey, says the future of a large number of post offices are under serious threat, as well as a significant number of crucial local retail outlets.

The survey reveals what the NFSP calls a clear failure in the government’s plan to turn post offices into a ‘front office’ for new government services, announced in 2010.

George Thomson, general secretary, said, “In reality, the survey shows, few new services have been introduced since 2010 and most of the much-trumpeted financial and government services are yielding little or no income for the vast majority of subpostmasters.

“Almost no subpostmasters receive any income at all from many of the key Post Office financial services. In fact, subpostmasters are earning less from Post Office financial services than they were three years ago. There is now little doubt that the Government’s promise of no more planned closures was hollow, and that the failure to make full use of the network will lead to mass closures through the back door.

“Subpostmasters are angry over the shocking failure of both Post Office financial services and government services to bring in any material increase in revenue for the vast majority of sub post offices, leaving many with an extremely uncertain future.

“Urgent action must be taken.”