Fox attack: Don’t jump to conclusions

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A wildlife rescuer has warned people not to jump to conclusions after the news broke about a fox attacking a child in London at the weekend.

Trevor Weeks MBE, who runs East Sussex Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service (WRAS), often rescues foxes and says the story which hit the national news may not be as it seems.

Mr Weeks said, “With the weekend’s breaking news of a baby being attacked by a fox, I would strongly urge people not to jump to conclusions about what has happened.

“ There have been a number of stories in the press over the years blaming foxes for attacking babies, children and adults, sadly many of them are not true and a cover story for what has really happened.

“Nobody has ever died after being attacked by a fox.

“There are many more adults, children and babies which are seriously injured and several death each year as a result of attacks by domestic pets especially dogs, so I deplore anyone who calls for a cull of foxes as this really won’t solve the problem and would be yet another waste of life and tax payers’ money.

“There are parts of the story which don’t currently add up, the real story normally emerges within a few weeks but sadly it doesn’t always get the coverage in the media which the original story achieved.”

A four-week-old baby Denny Dolan is reported to be recovering well after being attacked by a fox in his south-east London home.

Denny Dolan was treated for a hand and facial injuries after the attack on February 6 in Downham.