Four arrests made after police crackdown in town centre

A CRACKDOWN on anti-social behaviour in Eastbourne town centre led to four arrests being made.

Eastbourne Neighbourhood Policing team took part in Operation Dedicator on Monday August 6 which saw 20 officers working throughout the day.

During the day four people were arrested in the town centre, two for drug related offences, one for assault and public order offences and one for theft.

The action followed a recent survey of residents, businesses and visitors to the town which showed that public drinking of alcohol and drug use were the top two anti-social activities that were affecting those that live and work in the town centre.

Around 20 people were issued with directions to leave the town centre due to drink related anti-social behaviour and another 20 people were also searched for drugs and stolen goods as part of the crackdown.

Inspector Damen Funnell of Eastbourne District Police said, “The results from this day of action were a great success which were a direct result of the hard work and co-ordinated efforts by the police, public and other partner agencies working closely together.

“The actions and arrests made on this day are an excellent example of everyone’s commitment and determination to deal positively with all aspects of anti-social behaviour and other incidents of crime affecting those residents living and working in the community.”

Police Constable Dan Cloake, who is the Operations Co-ordinator for the town, added, “This operation was not meant as a one hit wonder but more of a way of drawing the line in the sand. It will soon be clear to those committing anti-social behaviour in the town centre, what is and is not acceptable.”