Fly-tipping at substations puts power supplies at risk

Waste obstructing access to electricity substations
Waste obstructing access to electricity substations

Eastbourne residents are being warned their power supplies could be under threat because of excessive fly-tipping at electricity substation sites.

This year alone, more than 150 sites that deliver power across the South East have been targeted by those dumping their rubbish illegally, with around a third of those being reported in Sussex and Surrey.

Items as large as settees and pianos have been found blocking access to the substations, which can put power supplies at risk as essential inspections, maintenance and repairs become more challenging.

The public are also being warned that the danger is not just to electricity supplies but also to children who may be tempted to climb the rubbish not fully understanding the risks of entering a substation.

Jim Nicholl, lead environmental adviser, said, “Fly-tipping can delay the connection of power supplies by blocking access to our essential electricity distribution equipment.

“It is also dirty, dangerous and can be harmful to our staff and the public. We are appealing to the public to help us by reporting any sightings of fly-tipping at the sites which bring power to their properties.”

Already this year, UK Power Networks have spent several thousands of pounds clearing the rubbish, which often incudes tyres, mattresses, fridges, broken glass and occasionally used needles. Call 0845 6014516 to report an incident.