Firm’s thanks for thrifty water usage

As the South East basks in the summer sun, Southern Water is thanking customers for using water wisely in the heatwave.

The scorching weather has seen demand for water rise by eight per cent to 582 million litres a day – an increase of 41 million litres – but this is only half that seen in some parts of the country.

The company says its water-savvy customers are the reason for this less-than expected increase in demand – heeding advice about how to save water, energy and money, particularly in the garden – and its water resources remain above average following last year’s wet weather.

Ben Earl, Southern Water’s Water efficiency manager, said, “We are grateful that our customers are using water wisely. They are taking advantage of lots of water-saving tips on our website for gardens and elsewhere in the home.

“This helps them not only save water but also money off both their water and energy bills.

“We also remind customers the importance of keeping hydrated in the hot weather and encourage people to keep a jug of water in the fridge for a cooling drink.”

In hot, dry weather, and it has been a dry July so far with just 2.8mm of rain falling compared with the long-term average of 47.7mm, garden watering accounts for up to 70 per cent of all household water use.

Gardeners can use water-savvy tips such as not watering lawns in dry weather as they quickly recover when it rain, watering plants in the morning and evening to minimise evaporation, putting mulch round the base of plants to lock in moisture in the soil, recycling water from paddling pools and installing water butts ready for the next rain.