Fire investigators arrive on scene to determine cause of tragic blaze

Pier fire SUS-140730-200118001
Pier fire SUS-140730-200118001

The flames on Eastbourne Pier may be out but the work is continuing into the night as fire investigators arrive to assess the scene.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service spent hours trying to tame the blaze with the use of a water bowser to relay water and an aerial platform as a water tower.

Firefighters also worked off lifeboats, aiming water at the fire from the sea. Ground monitors were put in place to provide unmanned large firefighting jets of water.

Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus went onto the Pier and underneath the Pier to prevent the spread of the fire. Light portable pumps were used to pump sea water onto the fire.

The Maritime team from Newhaven was also present with lifeboats and Coastguard teams.

Fire investigators are now on site trying to work out what started the tragic blaze.