Family’s call for NHS funding for condition

Baby Finlay pictured after having the helmet fitted
Baby Finlay pictured after having the helmet fitted

The parents of a six-month-old baby with ‘flat head’ syndrome are organising a charity fundraiser tomorrow (Saturday) to raise awareness of his condition and the lack of NHS funding.

Heidi Brown and Chris Tuppen’s son Finlay was born with plagiocephaly after being in the breach position.

The little one had an operation last month to have a helmet fitted to help treat the condition, thanks to a £900 boost from the charity Headstart4babies. In total the treatment cost £2,000 and the family, from the North Harbour, is hoping to raise as much funds as possible to give the charity a boost and raise awareness of the lack of NHS funding for the condition.

Heidi, 31, said, “We’re really frustrated and I think that’s the same with other people who are in a similar position.

“Research in other countries shows it can lead to problems with teeth and ears. One of the arguments is they fund braces for people and that’s only cosmetic.”

The condition is caused by being placed in a certain position for a long period of time and can be diagnosed at birth as well as in babies in the early stages of their life.

Heidi and Chris have organised a My Little Head Buggython to raise awareness and are hoping as many people will join them as possible. It starts at Gildredge Park at 3pm and finishes at Pistachio in the Park (Princes Park) Cafe.

Heidi added, “The more people who join us the bigger the impact we will have. We are really trying to raise awareness, even if it just prevents one or two babies having this condition. We’re also hoping to raise awareness to get the NHS to recognise this a bit more.”

NHS England were contacted for a comment but had not responded by the time the Herald went to press.

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