Fall from swing caused death of Polegate mother-of-three

A MOTHER-of-three who fell from a rope swing died as a result of her head injuries.

Polegate mum Emma White, 40, died at Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre after being in intensive care at the hospital for around a week after the fall. She passed away on January 27 and the inquest into her death was held at Eastbourne Magistrates Court on Thursday (June 14).

Mrs White, of Willow Drive, was in her garden at home when the rope on the tyre swing broke.

Her husband Neil White witnessed the fall and told the coroner, “She jumped on the swing and started swinging like Tarzan and screaming out. She was laughing her head off, literally, and the rope just snapped.

“It was like it happened in slow motion.”

Mrs White hit the concrete and was unconscious for around 20 seconds before she woke up and said she wanted to lie down.

She was able to get inside and an ambulance was called. However, paramedics spent around three hours trying to persuade a non-compliant Mrs White to go to Eastbourne DGH for treatment.

At the inquest, Mrs White’s family suggested the reason she didn’t want to go to hospital was because of the confusion brought on by the head injury.

When she did reach Eastbourne DGH, she had to be sedated and a CT scan revealed the extent of her head injury.

She was then transferred to Hurstwood Park.

Coroner Alan Craze said, “It seems to me they treated it in every way they could, but it was such a severe injury they weren’t going to win.”

Mr White explained the rope swing was old but had been used nearly every day.

Mr White said, “It had been used daily for as long as I can remember.

“It could have been me or one of the kids.”

Mr Craze said, “It was a pure accident and wholly unforeseeable.”

He said the case was devastating for the family and when passing on his condolences at the end of the inquest, he told Mr White, “Best wishes for the ongoing bringing up of her children.”