Explosives could be lurking in the deep despite fisherman’s find at sea...

A barnacle covered torpedo

A barnacle covered torpedo

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FISHERMAN Peter Storey risked his life to snap this bobbing torpedo in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes.

Mr Storey, pictured right, sent this photo to Dover Coastguard which passed it onto the Royal Navy on February 8. The navy identified the explosive, floating five miles off Beachy Head, as the husk of a 1954 Mark 9 torpedo.

When it was confirmed the weapon was missing its warhead, Mr Storey and his crew lashed a rope to the torpedo and towed it out of harm’s way. Mr Storey said, “But the tale doesn’t end there because the warhead is possibly in that location and somewhere out there is a quarter of a ton of TNT and it’s waiting for someone else to pick it up.”